Loaded with Features and Easy to Use...

Celsior, Embassy’s latest wall-mounted combination boiler and water heater offers the highest near-condensing performance efficiencies available today.

Celsior’s innovative high efficiency boiler design is fully-modulating and completely packaged with operating efficiencies of 85%. All units have built-in circulator pumps, expansion tanks and air eliminators for ease of installation and service.

Instantaneous domestic hot water production of over 4 GPM provides enough hot water for today’s multi-faceted lifestyles. Celsior uses the AquaGuard filter system which prevents impurities from entering the domestic water heat exchanger for superior performance and durability.

Celsior Combi boilers are equipped with ionisation ignition systems and an electronic control interface that continuously monitors system performance to seamlessly meet the demands of both heating and domestic hot water production.

Standard Features

  • Full Modulation (4,500-134,000 btuh)
  • 85% Operating Efficiency
  • Copper-Fin Primary Heat Exchanger
  • Flow switch & Freeze Protection
  • Integrated Pump, Expansion Tank & Air Separator
  • 3-Way Valve
  • Side-Wall Vent Kit
  • Isolation Valve Kit
  • 4 GPM Instantaneous DHW
  • AquaGuard Filter System
  • Natural or LP Gas

List of Functions/Instruments

  1. Temperature/Pressure Gauge
  2. Time programmer seal
  3. Rotary switch (off, summer, winter, chimney sweep)
  4. Hot Water Setting (86-140°F/30-60°C)
  5. Central Heat Setting (104-176°F/40-80°C)
  6. Red LED: irregular and/or incorrect operation